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Join our Danna Nicole All Access VIP Facebook group and be the first to know about promotions, events, style tutorials, and more!

Meet Our Stylists

Danna Nicole

With three generations of self-employed entrepreneurs behind her, Danna had always dreamed of owning her own boutique. After graduating high school, she furthered her studies at Seneca College and earned a diploma in Fashion Design and Production. After many years of working as a retail manager and sewing for the Stratford Festival Theatre, in 2009, Danna Nicole opened its doors on the historic main street in Stratford, Ontario, with Danna herself as the owner and operator. As a self-employed busy mom to a young daughter, she is extremely adept at juggling many hats at once. While you’re browsing in her boutique, you might see Danna zipping to the back room to find you the perfect shoe to style up that little black dress, only to see her come out with an armful of options stacked high like pizza boxes! Her personal style is timeless, and she has a flair for prints and textures. She loves to layer black with other neutrals and prints so you get all the sleekness of a black outfit without it being ‘just another black outfit’. Danna has extensive knowledge in fitting various body types to bring out their most flattering features. Add to this the skill for recommending the right alterations, when needed, to get a perfect fitting garment and Danna has trained her team to always help you select the perfect outfit for any occasion. Join Danna for a virtual appointment or in-person event, and she’ll treat you and each of your family members like a special visitor in her own home!


With a background in dance and a love for fashion, Ariel was the perfect addition to the Danna Nicole team over five years ago. As the assistant buyer and team lead, she’s a master at building a capsule wardrobe, which helps you to look and dress your best! See a familiar face? Her "What's in the Box Wednesdays" are entertaining and informative, and she’s always offering the latest tips and tricks! Did we mention Ariel just loves turtlenecks? You’ve probably heard us tease her about this staple in her wardrobe a couple of times, but in all fairness, turtlenecks elongate the torso, and Ariel knows better than anyone they’re an easy layering piece to pair with a casual jacket or professional blazer. With a passion for feminine accessories and gorgeous colour palettes, Ariel is terrific at helping to style one outfit many ways, including offering great tips to tie a scarf, add a gorgeous necklace, or rock the next trend in footwear. As our lovely stage manager and tech wizard extraordinaire, don’t let her knack for IT fixes on the fly fool you. She has a soft spot for art, fashion, and all things beautiful, and trust us, it shows! 


Lisa truly enjoys working at our trendy fashion boutique in beautiful downtown Stratford, and she places great emphasis on quality products and excellent customer service. She is a part-time employee at Danna Nicole and she excels at being diverse in her styling tips and tricks. Whether it’s a special occasion dress, a casual outfit for weekdays, or a refreshed new wardrobe, Lisa will have you styled from head to toe in all your favourite pieces! You’ll love chatting with Lisa while you’re shopping, since she will gladly help you mix and match different designers to find the perfect wardrobe to suit your lifestyle. When Lisa isn't at Danna Nicole, she spends time with her family and her golden retriever. She is a dedicated part of Stratford's volunteer community, and she continues to raise thousands of dollars for the Cancer Society, Shelterlink, and the Terry Fox Foundation.


Kennedi may be our most junior associate, but she’s definitely a fast learner! Although she’s still young, she’s been in the fashion business her entire life, and her adorable personality will always bring a smile to your face. She truly loves cute shoes and dresses, but she’ll draw the line at hair bows. (Trust us, Danna’s tried!) Kennedi fully believes getting dressed is a long process, and it must be done while balancing other activities (like head stands). In an effort to never overdress, she follows Chanel’s golden rule of getting fully dressed and then removing one accessory. Although she’s at our store for only rare appearances, she’ll be the first to tell you if an outfit is “a little too bare” or “looks just fabulous!"  We can proudly say she’s mastered merchandising our footwear on the lowest shelf, often including her own sneakers into the mix. On busy days, she loves to help store hangers, rearrange earrings, and of course her true talent shines when given a roll of stickers! We’ll call Kennedi in to help prepare for the biggest events at our boutique, and she’ll happily bring you great savings when she can!