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Summer is here! Shop our new arrivals for everything from bold prints to core basics and maximise your wardrobe!

Staying on top of the latest fashion styles and trends, while maintaining our commitment to dressing our clients in the best looks for their body type, is our passion. Danna Nicole offers head to toe wardrobes for both women and men. Featuring many Canadian brands such as Brenda Beddomme, Karen Wilson, La Marque, Periphery, Papillon Blanc, Vincent D’Amerique.  We also feature a selection of European brands similarly known for quality, detail, and fair trade practices such as Mos Mosh, Michael Kors, Gardeur, Repeat and Rosemunde.

At Danna Nicole we believe that when you buy quality clothing you can spend less and wear your clothes more. If the theory is true that we wear 20% of our clothing 80% of the time, shouldn't that 20% be the best quality and fit for your body type and lifestyle? Our stylists are excited to help you maximize your wardrobe. See our Look Book for this season’s must have staples to your wardrobe.